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Within the pharmaceutical industry, a common denominator for manufacturers intending on performing serialization operations is implementing capability of printing the GS1 Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), serial number, lot number and expiration date, and encoding information in a 2D data matrix. “By legislation, every product has to be tracked and traced from packaging all the way through the supply chain. The FDA legislation is bringing about change to this global issue through its tracking and tracing initiatives for regulations, with effect to the pharmaceutical industry,” says Greg Cathcart, Founder and CEO, Excellis Health Solutions.

Founded in 2008, Excellis is a privately held business and information technology consulting firm supporting clients in the Life Sciences Industry with a specific focus on ERP, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Quality and Revenue Management.

Under Cathcart’s leadership, the company has grown over the years and is frequently recognized as the ‘domain knowledge leader with specific expertise’ in Life Science industry.

As a partner to GS1 Global, Excellis has played a lead role in developing an industry consortium platform called Global Track and Trace (GTT), to bring the Pharmaceutical and Life Science industries together from a knowledge point-of-view. GTT’s mission is to foster a global collaboration between pharmaceutical supply chain partners, while identifying business value to customers seeking to drive a return on their investment. Through this platform, Excellis supports clients in addressing various impending global regulations from building a strategy for business operations, choosing the right technologies, to implementation by rolling out strategies across globe.

“Our services help clients deploy their program initiatives by ensuring alignment of their business strategy with their technology capabilities. With our focused approach and a flexible operating model, we strive to deliver improved program performance, minimal risk, maximum value and sustainable results,” says Cathcart.
Excellis’ most prominent success story is an ongoing strategy-based journey of a large multinational pharmaceutical company*, consisting of 15 billion in sales, 30 global facilities and product sales across 160 countries. Since 2011, Excellis has been working with this client by developing a long term relationship to meet their global initiatives.

“Since 2012, we have helped implement beneficial business strategies and by 2017, our goal is to support them in enabling every product manufacturing facility and packaging line to print 2D data matrix with lot expiration date, and serial number for every unit. Our clients will have the ability to successfully track products from manufacturing and distribution centers to the hands of consumers,” says Cathcart.

With over 6 years of strategy consulting, the Excellis team has proficiency in various sub verticals of the Life Sciences industry. Their company’s expertise in understanding the elements of supply chain management and new requirements for current industry performance has clearly differentiated the company from its competitors. “We have served many prominent clients and we derive our strength from our involvement with these clients on a knowledge-base perspective,” notes Cathcart.

Going forward, Excellis continues to add more knowledge process to the GTT platform and with their supply chain management expertise; the company focuses on improving FDA regulatory compliance and other business requirement efficiencies. “We are also doing Unique Device Identification requirement projects for multiple medical device companies, which will go into effect in 2016,” concludes Cathcart.

Company Name: Excellis Health Solutions
Location: New Hope, PA
Management: Greg Cathcart, Founder and CEO
Description: Excellis Health Solutions’ business model delivers solutions particularly related to ERP, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Quality and Revenue Management areas.
Headline: Delivering Innovation and Driving Excellence through Strategy Operations

“Our services help clients deploy their program initiatives by ensuring alignment of their business strategy with their technology capabilities”

-Excellis Health Solutions, LLC

*Due to security restrictions said company remains unnamed