The Excellis Healthcheck is a thorough review of the serialization program by Excellis subject matter experts (SMEs) tailored to client’s business processes, supply chain structure and needs, along with being robust to support varied supply chain designs. Focused on transitioning programs from Project to Sustainability to Value beyond compliance, Healthcheck helps identify program risks and opportunities for compliance, as well as improve OEE, provide sustainable organizational structure, and value beyond compliance. Healthcheck is the benchmark against industry best practices and a review of all applicable regulatory markets.

Excellis provides actionable recommendations and identifies immediate priorities. Using the DSCSA Readiness Analysis, we determine if you are meeting the current and upcoming DSCSA regulations through the Current State assessment (People, Process, Technology).

How do we do it?

  1. Data Collection
    • Project and organizational structure
    • Questionnaires
    • Project artifacts
    • SME interviews
  2. Analysis
    • VS. industry best practices
    • Expert reviews
    • Gaps and opportunities
    • KPI’s
  3. Report
    • Readiness state
    • Sustainability model
    • Value beyond compliance
    • Other strategic intiatives

Excellis also uses the Scorecard Methodology as one aspect of Healthcheck: a series of 200 questions (both objective and subjective) that provides an analysis of data gathered and project artifacts by Excellis SMEs. The questions cover all topics included in the Healthcheck and range from Strategy to Sustainability. The subjective scores from corporate are graded based on interviews, as well as based on everything seen and heard, then benchmarked against best practices seen in the industry.

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