Excellis’ CEO featured in NNIT white paper “The Factory of the Future is Fully Integrated”

In collaboration with our parent company NNIT and their group companies SL Controls and Excellis Health Solutions comes the very first white paper. It gives a very holistic view of the digitalization of the complete production process and supply chain integration.

What is this white paper about?
In the future pharma production, it will be essential to manage increasingly complex production processes and manufacturing micro-batches tailored to more specific therapies and patient groups.

The enabler is a connected factory, where data and information can flow freely both within the production site and externally. This requires a fully digitized and integrated process and control equipment across all areas of operation including supply chain integration.

This whitepaper shows you

  • Challenges and the potential benefits of an integrated factory
  • Best practices and solutions for making it happen
  • Common mistakes and pitfalls