v. 15 – Q3 2020

Market Executive Summary Roadmap announced and Traceability Pilot underway: Food and Medicine Administration Proclamation 1112/2019

Codified as Directive “Pharmaceutical Products Traceability Directive No.43/2019”, published 19 August 2019

Scope is defined as “1. All pharmaceutical products registered in Ethiopia which are intended for human use” as well as “prescribed medicines, program medicines and medicines easily exposed to counterfeiting.”

Key Dates Proposed timeline:

  • February 2025: 4-element GS1 DataMatrix on secondary packs, including Serial Number
  • August 2022: 3-element GS1 DataMatrix; GTIN/Batch Number/Exp.; Traceability pilot (no detail)
  • August 2021: Barcode with Product Identifier and master data sharing (no details) on secondary packs (GTIN) and higher levels of packaging (SSCC)

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