v.28 – Q4 2023

v.28 Q4 2023 update: Updates on reporting process and e-PIL.

Market Executive Summary Egypt is implementing Trace and Trace serialization to align with the Emerging Global Standard (EGS).
Key elements are phased implementation, starting with 2D coding through consolidation on GS1 standards to serialization and finally expected traceability based on database operated by Central Administration for Pharmaceutical Affairs (CAPA)

The scope of this implementation will include all products register by the MoHP (medicines for human use, veterinary use, food supplements, herbal medicines, biological products, insecticides or antiseptics, etc.)

Key Dates
  • September 2019: Egyptian Pharmaceutical Track & Trace System Implementation Guideline V2
  • June 2019: Aggregation and data reporting / T&T (see note 3)
  • March 2019: Pilot Project
  • June 2018: 2D Data Matrix with Item-level serialization required (see note 2)
  • September 2017: Product coding (GTIN) to be implemented (see note 1)
  • July 2016: Product coding (GTIN)

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