Jan 26, 2022   |  GoToWebinar

Date Wednesday, January 26

  • Frederic Menardo, Vice President EMEA (Excellis Europe)
  • Sean O’Hearen, Managing Consultant and Global Brand Protection Specialist (Excellis)

Counterfeiting methods are becoming ever more sophisticated. As counterfeiters seek to exploit products entering new markets with fewer controls, serialisation compliance and brand security remain an ongoing challenge and the strength of pharma supply chains is frequently tested.

With patient safety and brand integrity a critical concern, managing and mitigating the growing risks of counterfeiting, tampering and trademark infringement in day-to-day operations is an essential component of safe and effective pharma product management.

In an age where the protection, security and traceability of medicines is constantly under the spotlight, pharma companies of all sizes must rise to the challenge of developing watertight systems and processes across their entire operation.

In this insightful hour-long FREE webinar, global pharma compliance specialists Excellis Health Solutions (part of NNIT) will explore these risks in greater detail, highlighting the key considerations every pharma company must address in 2022.

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