Jul 1, 2020   |  GoToWebinar

Brexit, the United Kingdom (UK)’s departure from the European Union (EU), is fundamentally affecting all areas of business in the UK, EU, and beyond.

One area in particular gives rise to many questions: the future arrangements—with regards to the EU-FMD safety—features obligations and the participation in the European Medicines Verification System and processes that have been in operation since 9th February 2019:

  • What system(s), if any, will manufacturers need to connect to from 2021 onward for the UK?
  • What will be the obligations regarding EU-FMD and serialised packs for the UK market from 1st January 2020?
  • How does this impact UK Packs shared with other markets, such as Ireland, Malta, and Cyprus?


  • Jerome Bertin: GM at SecurMed UK, the UK NMVO
  • Grainne Hughes: VP of Business Support Operations at Almac Group
  • Christoph Krähenbühl: Senior Director at Excellis Europe

View the recording HERE.