India – Domestic

v. 13 – 2020/01

Market Executive Summary India domestic requirements have been in discussion for a number of years.

Focus is on public procurement, with previous deadline of April 2019 postponed to April 2020: From 1st April 2020, all medicines purchased under the PPO to carry a 2D Barcode/QR code. The previous compliance date was April 2019. Details on the order are provided in the Summary below. Note: Serialization is not part of the 01 April 2020 public procurement requirements for primary packaging.

End of 1-year transition period is April 2021

Key Dates
  • April 2021: Updated compliance date (previously April 2019) for Public Procurement Order (PPO) 2017 is April 2020, but includes a transition time of one year = effective compliance date is April 2021
  • Sep 2019: Serialization is not part of the 1st April 2020 pubic procurement requirements for primary packaging. Meeting held in August 2019 to discuss new direction for drug exports.
  • April 2019: Public Procurement Order (PPO) of 2017.
  • Mar 2015: GS1 India and Indian Insurance Bureau sign a MOU to build a GLN registry for hospital management systems.
  • April 2014: Two federal states start implementing GS1 standards in drug procurement and hospital management systems.