Cameroon – Vignette

v. 1.0 – 09/29/15

Serialization Model N/A currently
Governing Body The Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Health (MoH)
Compliance Date Vignette Rule in effect
Randomization Requirements N/A
Primary Package Data Carrier N/A
Primary Package HRI N/A
Saleable Unit Data Carrier Two vignettes are required to be placed on saleable unit
Saleable Unit HRI/Vignette Characteristics
  • Serial Number
  • Tamper Proof
  • Clearly Visible
  • Authenticated by an ultra-violet (UV) light or by a computer program/electronic device
  • “Republic of Cameroon, Ministry of Finance” emblems mandated by the Ministry of Finance
  • “Letter” of identification specified by the Minister in charge of Finance, printed with high-quality ink and water-resistant materials
Intermediate Package Data Carrier N/A
Intermediate Package HRI N/A
Logistics Unit Data Carrier N/A
Logistics Unit HRI N/A
Additional Notes