v. 15 – Q3 2020

Market Executive Summary Algerian Authorities moving forward with a law on serialization for prescribed medicines. Draft to be published by end of 2020 and expected to align with global trends (Data Matrix with GTIN, batch/lot, Expiry). Originally wanted price inclusion but is not expected to happen.
Application of a label with the GS1 Data Matrix (GTIN, batch code, expiry date, serial number, APP – Algerian Public Price) on secondary packaging.
Publication was announced in June 2016 with dates set for 2018 and 2019 but these have not been confirmed In Algeria, item level Serialization and 2d Data Matrices have been discussed but not confirmed.
Key Dates
  • 2020: Draft to be published end of 2020 outlining serialization requirements
  • 2019: Serialization by printing 2D Data Matrix on box (to be confirmed)
  • 2018: Serialization based on label (to be confirmed)

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