Get ready for the November 2017 deadline!

Worried about how to get your products serialized before the November deadline without jeopardizing your supply chain?

Join us at the 5th Pharmaceutical Traceability Forum to focus on those impeding roadblocks when integrating serialization. No matter if your organization is big, medium or small pharma, we will address the full spectrum of challenges and get insights from industry experts on how to make the transition period seamless.


3C Excellis Europe wins prestigious award at GHP’s 2016 Awards

Excellis Health Solutions’s European team–3C Excellis Europe–is very proud to win “Best Specialised Pharma Consultancy Company & Pharma Serialization Expert of the Year 2016” award at the Global Health & Pharma (GHP) 2016 Awards. We would like to thank our voters for honoring us with this prestigious award!


Join us at the Southeast Traceability and Serialization Forum

Is your company keeping up-to-date with serialization and track-and-trace requirements? These two landscapes are constantly evolving, so it is important that your pharmaceutical company is keeping track of these necessary requirements.

Join us for a day of discussion, learning and connecting with experts in the field at Bell and Howell!


Visit Excellis at the Serialization Forum

Drug counterfeiting is on the rise globally and regulatory deadlines are approaching fast. The pharmaceutical supply chain will soon be at a critical point to ensure patient safety. From drug manufacturers to distributors, all supply chain partners will need to make crucial decisions to upgrade their production lines in compliance with traceability deadlines.


9 Tips to Serialization Readiness

 Excellis Health Solutions and 3C Excellis Europe have been busy recently speaking at various events and conferences include The TrackTS andFlyPharma conferences. 3C Excellis Europe spoke and attended both of these events. During his time at both events, he delivered expert serialization advice and uncovered the current state of serialization readiness in the pharma sector. We’ve put together a short series of blog posts on our experience at the events.