In 2009, Excellis established Global Track & Trace (GTT) with a mission to foster global collaboration between pharmaceutical supply chain partners to support them in understanding the impact of new and changing industry legislation.

Fast forward to today and GTT continues to monitor both global and local regulatory mandates, then reports those updates to our members to help them stay ahead of the curve.  More importantly, GTT encourages best practices and industry innovation by bringing together industry leading pharma manufacturers, virtual biotechs, CMOs, 3PLs, Wholesalers, Retail Pharmacies, and Healthcare Systems in the same room to discuss supply chain challenges and opportunities.

This collaboration grows every year and now includes breakout groups for Brand Protection, Digital Transformation, and Healthcare/Retail.  These groups meet individually and collectively as we host formal consortium meetings, monthly roundtables, and timely webinars that feature best-in-class peers and ideas to solve real problems with the goal of truly transforming the supply chain.

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The benefits of GTT membership include: