SIP & SERIALIZE – Serialization as Brand Protection

Date/Time: August 6 @ 3PM EST
Guest Speaker: Sean O’Hearen (former Johnson & Johnson Brand Protection consultant)

You have Serialized and you have complied with DSCSA, but what if your product(s) need more to be truly protected against counterfeiting and diversion? It is vital that every organization understands the operational and reputational threats that illicit trade poses and how to guard against it. As we conclude with the last episode of Sip & Serialize, we will discuss what Brand Protection is and how it differentiates from Serialization.


SIP & SERIALIZE – Aggregation feat. Apace Packaging

New topic: Aggregation

Date: July 9

Guest Speaker: Apace Packaging

This webinar discussed:

  • Aggregation
    • Now vs. Later?
    • What is the impact to internal operations?
    • What is the impact across the supply chain?
  • Rip & Replace
    • Is having multiple solution providers risk mitigation or risk exposure?
    • What makes a good contingency plan?
    • What are key considerations regarding upgrade and maintenance vs. replacement or consolidation?

To view the recording, please click here.


SIP & SERIALIZE – Nov. 27 deadline feat. AmerisourceBergen

Date: May 28

Guest Speaker: AmerisourceBergen

Are you prepared for November 27? Have you determined the best approach that will positively impact the stakeholders within and outside of your organization? Is your company aware of the relative costs, implementation complexities, manual efforts, and data security considerations for each potential solution?

To view a copy of this Webinar, please click HERE.