Dec 1, 2020   |  GoToWebinar

Global life science manufacturers are facing ever-increasing disruption in the markets they serve.
Join us as we launch a new 5-episode series focused on how to be an Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise with speakers Bart Reitter, VP Life Sciences at QAD, Inc. and Greg Cathcart, CEO at Excellis. These 30-minute episodes will occur throughout November and December. Simply register for the series, receive one log-in link, and we’ll send you a reminder leading up to each event.

Featured Speakers:

  • Bart Reitter, VP Life Sciences (QAD)
  • Greg Cathcart, CEO (Excellis Health Solutions

Date/Time: December 1 @ 1PM EST

Episode 3: Effective Enterprise Management: Real-time Analytics Across the Entire Business
For life science companies to better manage disruption and change, they need trustworthy yet flexible core processes and data, while also ensuring decision makers have access to real-time business and value chain insight. Effective Enterprise Management delivers real-time analytics across the entire business.

During the third episode, we will discuss what types of disruptions impact many life science organizations and the benefits Effective Enterprise Management capabilities provide to them.

Take the diagnostic to identify where your organization falls on the adaptability scale and diagnose your ability to cope with change based on QAD’s Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise maturity model.

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