United Kingdom

v. 1.1 – 04/17/16

Serialization Model End-to-End Verification
Governing Body United Kingdom Parliament
Compliance Date (anticipated) February 9, 2019 (3 years after publish of Delegated Acts)
Randomization Requirements Yes
Aggregation Requirements No–however, traditing partners may require aggregation
Reporting Requirementsr Manufacturers post product and serialization data to a central hub, which is then routed to country databases. Dispensers verify against country database. Others may verify, but not required.
Data Repositories European Hub and country repositories under development
Saleable Unit Data Carrier GS1 Data Matrix encoded with GTIN, Serial Number, Lot, and Expiry Date
Saleable Unit HRI
  • EFPIA recommendation is: GTIN, Serial Number, Lot, and Expiry Date
  • Country specific regulations may prevail
Shipping Case Data Carrier Not specified, assume GS1 Data Matrix of GS1-128 Linear Bar Code
Shipping Case HRI Not specified
Logistics Unit Data Carrier Not specified
Logistics Unit HRI Not specified
Additional Notes
  • Adopted by the European Union (October 2, 2015)
  • Publication in the Official Journal (February 9, 2016)
  • DA will be enforceable February 9, 2019