v. 14 – 2020/02

Market Executive Summary Objective is full track and trace system – assumption is that Kazakhstan will be synchronized with the Russian system. Feb 2019 National pilot project to be organized by KZ Telecom. Implementation by Ministry of Finance (not MoH), with monthly discussions taking place involving the industry. Companies, especially international ones, are invited to take part in the pilot project.

  • March, 23, 2019: Agreement of EAEU countries on medicines labeling by identification means.
  • 2019: Strong position of Kazakhstan is not to use crypto code protection.
Key Dates
  • Sept 2015: Guidelines on product marking and labelling, and on access to the portal and uploading of data have been published to support implementation.
  • Nov 2015: GS1 Kazakhstan has been mandated by the MoH to run a pilot for a national drugs traceability system
  • 2017: requirements were expected to be issued
  • 2019: Launch of Pilot (tests in 2018/2019)
  • 2020/2021: Start of labelling of newly produced and imported products (voluntary)
  • 2019: 2023/2024: All products to be labelled (Mandatory)