Jul 20, 2022   |  GoToWebinar

Hear how brand owners can fight back against counterfeiting and other forms of illicit trade!

Join a live conversation with Michigan State University’s School of Criminal Justice professor, Dr. Jeremy Wilson! Hear about Professor Wilson’s six building blocks or tenets, which provide “a framework for building and advancing brand protection programs that are strategic, comprehensive, and evidenced based.” We’ll talk with him about these tenets and about his forthcoming book, Brand Protection and the Global Risk of Product Counterfeits: A Total Business Solution Approach, which is packed with brand protection learning, insights, and case studies from the field.

In this session, Jeremy will dive into:

  • Latest industry insights based on network research
  • Tactics to fight back against illicit trade
  • Strategic organizations for effective brand protection
  • “Total Business Solution” approach

To view a copy of the recording, click here.