As part of our Strategy services, the Brand Protection Blueprint is customized to your business and designed to work from end-to-end in your supply chain.

It begins with a detailed risk assessment of your product portfolio, the markets in which they are sold and the distribution channels through which they travel. Based on that assessment, our experts then design a tailored roadmap to help you address any vulnerabilities and threats moving forward.

To help you secure budget and stakeholder buy-in, we also quantify the reputational threat, highlighting the financial risks and related costs of not establishing a Brand Protection program.

Our Brand Protection Blueprint can be customized to include any or all of the below:

  • Dedicated department charter/governance
  • Supplier/partner audits
  • Supply chain security practices, including distributor compliance, returns and destruction
  • Incident management and response
  • Product security investigations and enforcement
  • Product protection/authentication technologies
  • Online and offline market monitoring
  • Collaboration with customs, law enforcement, and government agencies
  • Data and analytics
  • Trademark protection processes

Contact us to find out how our Brand Protection Blueprint can safeguard your business, your supply chain, and your reputation.